Isaiah 1: "You Red My Mind!"

Isaiah 1: "You Red My Mind!"

This video was actually produced "backwards" in my mind. This time I came at the creation photos first. I have been wanting to use these photos of my buddy, Red, but didn't know how. Selection from Isaiah, chapter 1, in the King James Version fit the purpose perfectly.

As a youth during the 1970's, I went to many revivals that lasted a week or more, and my Dad saw to it that his boys sat "under the spout where the glory comes out" at Camp Zion in Myrtle, MS, while it was still under the direction of Dr. Percy Ray.

Camp Zion has as its purpose statement, "Calling America Back to God!" Camp Zion still preaches, still calls America back to God, and the message still burns in the heart of this "teenager trapped in a middle-aged body!"

We will continue to preach as long as we have breath...blessing the LORD for our godly elders whose decaying bodies remind us of the "sin which so easily besets us."

May the LORD grant us daily reminders to pray encouragement, strength, grace, and endurance for each other daily that we may finish the course according to my favorite saying quoted by Dr. B.R. Lakin during one of those summer camp-meetings in Myrtle.

"I want to kick the devil as long as I have strength in my legs to kick him with! When I can't kick him anymore, then I want to hit him as long as the LORD gives me strength in my arms to hit him with.

"When I can no longer hit him, then I want to bite him until all my teeth fall out. Finally, when I have no more teeth to bite him with, then I want to lay down and gum him 'til I die!"

May the LORD protect my life as long as He has use for my life in the world! Finally, when it's time for me to die, I pray that He gives me grace to glorify His name with my last breath! I know that's your desire, too! :)