96-Year-Old Granny Shows Off Moves On The Dance Floor

96-Year-Old Granny Shows Off Moves On The Dance Floor

This 96-year-old Granny took the dance floor by storm at a recent wedding reception.

Everyone was in awe when this elderly woman showed off her energetic dance moves. A lot of people think that when you reach a certain age it means you cannot participate in physical activities like you used to.

That is the farthest thing from the truth and this grooving granny is proof. She doesn’t hesitate to step out onto the dance floor and move along with the crowd. And this lively woman has no problem keeping up with the younger generation.

In fact, she’s spinning and twisting better than some of the other folks. She never misses a beat to the amazement of all of the guests. Who would have thought that sweet, little old Granny was going to school everyone at this wedding reception?

This is just another example of why age really is just a state of mind. This 96-year-old is living proof that if we keep things moving and take care of our bodies, we too can be moving easily long after we reach ‘over the hill’ status.

She is such an inspiration to everyone watching and definitely put a big smile on my face! I certainly hope that we continue to see this Granny dancing her heart out for years to come.

Who else is praying that they have this much fun and energy when they are in their 90s? I know that I sure do! So let’s all keep moving and never stop having fun!

96-year-old woman tears up the dance floor

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Posted by CBS News on Friday, April 12, 2019