'How Great Your Love Is' Red Rocks Worship Performance

'How Great Your Love Is' Red Rocks Worship Performance

This video of Red Rocks Worship singing their new song ‘How Great Your Love Is’ is a beautiful thing to hear. The song is full of the simple, profound truth that we can never hear enough of — how great the Father’s love is for us. His love covers all sin and brings us back to Him every time we fall short.

“Your love sought me when I was low
A wanderer on a broken road
Shame shackled my heart in doubt
I was lost in sin, but You brought me out”

‘How Great Your Love Is’ is one of two new singles that has been released by Red Rocks Worship. The song is stylistically relevant and has a melody that is easy to catch on to and sing. Congregations will love being introduced to ‘How Great Your Love Is’ during their church’s time of worship! The music has a great energy and the lyrics remind us how much freedom we can find in Christ.

“And my soul in victory, safe from harm
Shouts, ‘I'm free, I'm free in my Savior's arms’”

The chorus of the song will grip you with its authentic heart and beautiful truth. The simplicity of it lets the message really shine through. And the lyrics here are words that you can hang onto long after the song is finished. They are words that can help uplift and encourage you when you need it.

“Oh, how great Your love is
How deep Your kindness
How sweet Your grace
Oh, how strong Your mercy
Through every valley
You've made a way”

These words are so true and will speak straight to your heart! Our God is so full of love and mercy and what a gift it is that we get to experience that each and every day!