Excited Cheer Dad Performs Perfect Routine In The Stands

Excited Cheer Dad Performs Perfect Routine In The Stands

This cheer dad is becoming an Internet sensation after he joins in on his daughter’s routine from the stands.

People always say that when a man has a daughter, his heart completely changes. They share a special bond that can’t quite be described but there is definitely a love that knows no bounds.

From the moment of her birth, a father is tasked with loving and protecting their sweet girl. As time goes on, he becomes her biggest supporter and ‘cheerleader.’ Well, this dad took the role to heart and today he’s in the bleachers watching his daughter perform.

While most people in the stands are probably there for the football game, this dad has his eyes on his little girl. Just watch as the cheer squad rushes into view when the band kicks up. Without missing a beat, Dad starts to move along with the girls and even starts to mimic their moves.

Then, in an incredible surprise, he actually completes all of the choreography. By the end, he’s pumping up the crowd as he chants and encourages their cheers.

You can tell that this wasn’t the first time that he’s seen this routine, because he nailed every single move. And when one fellow spectator saw his enthusiasm, they just had to capture the moment on camera.

Now, this cheer dad and his contagious energy have been viewed more than 4 million times on social media.

He obviously loves his daughter and it’s so heartwarming to watch their special relationship in such a cute way!