Twins Separated At Birth Are Reunited 66 Years Later

Twins Separated At Birth Are Reunited 66 Years Later

After over 66 years apart, these twins separated at birth are finally reunited. Jenny Wilson and Kath Millns are both 76 years old.

For decades, they lived just miles away from each other and not knowing that they were related. When their mother was pregnant, she made the difficult decision to give the twins up for adoption.

One of the girls was adopted by a family friend and the other was adopted by a couple mere miles away. When she was a teen, Jenny discovered that she had a sister. “From the age of 11 I had known that somewhere out there I had a twin. I always hoped that one day she would knock on the door and find me, but that of course never happened.”

It wasn’t until Jenny’s daughter made a post on social media that a television program helped the woman locate her long-lost twin. And to both of the women’s surprise, they were closer than they ever imagined. Jenny said, “It is mad to think that for all those years, she was just a 20 minute drive away from me. We’re registered at the same doctors and everything.”

Now, the two sisters spend much of their free time together. From shopping, visiting, and chatting on the phone, Jenny and Kath aren’t wasting a single moment. Kath remarked on the incredible situation saying, “My life has been changed for the better ever since Jenny and I were finally reunited.”

What a beautiful end to story that was decades in the making.