8-Year-Old Uses ASL To Sing Carrie Underwood's 'The Champion'

8-Year-Old Uses ASL To Sing Carrie Underwood's 'The Champion'

An 8-year-old girl is belting out Carrie Underwood’s hit song ‘The Champion’ in a very special way.

Savannah Dahan, from Frederick, Maryland, is a huge fan of country superstar Carrie Underwood. One of Savannah’s favorite songs by the beloved performer is the inspirational anthem, ‘The Champion.’

This song is all about finding the strength from within and not letting anything stand in the way of your dreams.

“I am invincible, unbreakable
Unstoppable, unshakeable
They knock me down, I get up again
I am the champion
You're gonna know my name
You can't hurt me now
I can't feel the pain
I was made for this, yeah, I was born to win
I am the champion”

Savannah was born with substantial hearing loss and utilizes hearing aids from time to time. Her parents and two siblings are also deaf, so Savannah grew up using American Sign Language to communicate.

Today, she’s using ASL to perform this uplifting song and the performance has gone viral. Millions of people all over the world have watched Savannah takes these lyrics to heart.

There is so much passion behind this 8-year-old’s performance and I can tell that she believes in every single word. When you have faith in yourself, there is nothing that can knock you down.

This anthem has touched hearts all across the globe and Savannah’s performance is helping to spread that message.

Savannah’s father told Today, “We hope the video will show the importance of early exposure to ASL and for the world to see kids with proper communication access at school and home can express themselves just as rich and beautiful as kids that can hear.”

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