Couple Celebrates 60th Wedding Anniversary And Their Photos Go Viral

Couple Celebrates 60th Wedding Anniversary And Their Photos Go Viral

One couple is celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with a beautiful photo shoot that has the whole Internet talking.

82-year-old George Brown and his wife, Ginger, have been married for six decades. During this time, they’ve been through many of life’s ups and downs and learned a lot of lessons along the way. But today, they’re experiencing something completely new.

Recently, this South Carolina couple traveled to New Jersey to visit with their family. One of their grandchildren, Abigail Lydick, is a wedding photographer so she decided to surprise the couple with an anniversary photo session.

It was the very first time that Ginger had ever had her makeup or hair professionally done. Both George and Ginger were dressed in beautiful wedding attire and given a breathtaking scenic backdrop.

As you see each picture, the love between these two is undeniable.

George commented on his favorite moment. "There was one picture where they caught me holding my heart. It was the first time I saw her in the dress. I think I said, 'Be still my heart.’ She looked beautiful in it for sure."

After the sentimental session Abigail wrote on her Facebook, “We just photographed Grandmom and Granddad and they gave us some great advice for a long-lasting marriage. Here are some of their tips: 1: "Don't go to bed angry." 2: "Be prepared to forgive, always, because you just have to do it." 3: "Maintain a good sense of humor."”

This is such great advice from a seasoned couple. No wonder their pictures are going viral.