'Church (Take Me Back)' Cochren Co Acoustic Video

'Church (Take Me Back)' Cochren  Co Acoustic Video

Christian band Cochren & Co release an acoustic rendition of their popular song ‘Church (Take Me Back).’ This was the first single to be released by this up and coming ensemble signed to TobyMac’s Gotee Records.

“There was a time that I swore I would never go back
I was blind to the truth, didn't know what I had
I was running, I was searching
But every place I turned for healing
Left me more broken than the last”

Michael Cochren stands at the helm of Cochren & Co. He describes the unique musical sound as telling “stories of hope, grace, and second chances. A large variety of artists such as Billy Joel, Needtobreathe, and Ray Charles have impacted his American piano driven pop soul sound.”

Today, we’re listening to an acoustic performance of ‘Church (Take Me Back).’ This powerful single reminds us all of the power and strength that comes from God’s Word.

“Take me back
To the place that feels like home
To the people I can depend on
To the faith that's in my bones
Take me back
To a preacher and a verse
Where they've seen me at my worst
To the love I had at first
Oh, I want to go to church”

At church, we find a sense of community and can surround ourselves with fellow believers to strengthen our relationship with Christ. Church is truly a place that we can call home.

What a beautiful reminder that when we walk through difficult times, God is always there to help see us through.