Singer Uses Online Hate Comments To Create Original Song For AGT Audition

Singer Uses Online Hate Comments To Create Original Song For AGT Audition

It’s a wonderfully positive and creative singer who uses online hate comments to create an original song for her AGT Audition. That positive, creative singer is Madilyn Bailey, and she demonstrates how a musician and social media celebrity makes lemonade out of lemons.

Madilyn comes before the judges wearing yellow animal-print pants and black sneakers, and her brightly-colored guitar hangs from her neck. She greets the judges, and Howie addresses Madilyn first. Madilyn gives her name and tells the judges that she comes from a tiny Wisconsin town where cows outnumber humans. She is probably not exaggerating. Madilyn’s hometown of Boyceville, Wisconsin, had a population of 1,086 in the 2010 census!

When Howie asks, Madilyn shares that her dream is to write and sing songs, and to share those songs with as many folks as she can. Simon offers an approving nod. And, Madilyn goes on to tell the judges that the song she’ll perform is a copulation of nasty comments and harsh criticisms she’s received on her YouTube videos. Simon thinks it’s a good idea, and Howie suggests that Madilyn is going to take ugliness and make beauty from it.

Madilyn’s song is fast with a good beat and is built entirely of the hate speech sent her way by online “trolls.” We see the actual messages popping onto the screen as they are turned into song lyrics, and Madilyn sways from side-to-side belting out the abuse sent her way via the internet. Lines include: “they hauled this song away in a body bag,” “ear murder,” “eat a burger,” “you can’t sing,” “she’s so overrated,” “totally lame,” “don’t try so hard,”and “leave earth.” Wow! That’s a lot of venom directed at a person!

It is hard to understand viewers posting such rude comments aimed at a person just trying to entertain, but it may be harder still to comprehend that same entertainer receiving those comments and using them in a song she will perform. Madilyn demonstrates resilience, confidence, spunk, and a sense of humor by doing that very thing. Good for her!

Madilyn’s feisty fight-back caused Howie to laugh out loud, and Simon called the song clever. Don’t you go anywhere, Ms. Madilyn!

“Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness.” 1 John 2:9

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