Little Girl Adorably Calls The Cows Home

Little Girl Adorably Calls The Cows Home

In this sweet video, a little girl adorably calls the cows home with her cattle call.

Jodie Corcoran from Stephenville, Texas loves to take her two-year-old granddaughter, Joslyn, out on their family farm to see the cows. And when little Joslyn calls the twelve cows out in the field, they instantly come over to her! She is definitely a farm girl, and it is so fun to see her interacting with the cows.

At the beginning of the video, Joslyn is seen wearing a pink dress as she calls out the window of a car to cows in the distance. As she yells out her little “moo” sound, the cows start walking toward her and even moo back! What a cute interaction!

The cows keep approaching until they are right next to the little girl outside the car window. They lick her small hands as she giggles.

“Come on. It’s okay,” Joslyn says to the group of cows.

They seem to really be taken to this little girl, and it is clear that she loves the attention from the cows. She is not frightened one bit by these large creatures hanging out right next to her. Despite her small size, Joslyn is not intimidated by the large cattle, and she enjoys petting them when they approach her.

It just goes to show that even a young girl that is small in size can command the attention of the big cows on the farm when she needs to! This is such a sweet video, and we hope that it was able to bring a smile to your face today!

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