'Woman At The Well' Olivia Lane Official Music Video

'Woman At The Well' Olivia Lane Official Music Video

Listen to ‘Woman at the Well’ Olivia Lane official music video.

Olivia Lane creates pleasant country-pop music. She grew up singing along with her mom, who was a local country singer in Texas. After studying acting and songwriting at USC and giving her acting career a shot in Los Angeles, she moved to Nashville to pursue singing in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since!

After a few years in the music city, Olivia founded her own publishing company called Liv Write Play Music. She released a bunch of songs through her label, almost every single one written by her!

Olivia also hosts her own podcast called ‘Living Instead with Olivia Lane.’ She talks about her ups and downs of pursuing her dream and interviews people that have helped her along her journey.

‘Woman at the Well’ references a story in the Bible in John 4. If you’re unfamiliar with the parable, Jesus asks a poor Samaritan woman for water, but she is confused because of her low social status. Jesus then talks about the living water that comes with eternal life. He explains that she must confess her sins and devout herself to God to achieve eternal life.

Olivia compares herself to the woman at the well in her lyrics.

Wondering how someone could love me
When I can’t love myself
But you want me as I am and that sounds crazy
I guess maybe that’s why grace is so amazing

Her video simply has her sitting in front of projections that show different visuals for the woman at the well story. Something about her sitting alone there without a bunch of fancy music video extras makes the words sound like they’re coming straight from the darkest places of her mind.

Looking down on yourself is super easy, and we can all be guilty of it from time to time. But there’s security in hope in faith. God keeps us going. He loves us even when we don’t think we deserve it. Olivia’s song perfectly captures those feelings and His grace.

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