Young Trumpet Player Joins Jazz Band On Stage And Blows The Crowd Away

Young Trumpet Player Joins Jazz Band On Stage And Blows The Crowd Away

Jazz is a style of music that takes years of practice to perfect. It’s not just learning how to play an instrument or sing in the right octave, it involves creating a feeling out of every note.

But one little girl is already a prodigy and not just because she can play Jazz but because she can play the trumpet really well. This young trumpet player joins a Jazz band on stage and blows the crowd away.

At first, the video seems to begin in between music sessions as this petite little girl with crow-black hair and a cute grey and white striped shirt, holding a trumpet is introduced on stage. Nothing about her seems to be out of the ordinary and she checks out the crew behind her.

Instruments are being switched out. Crew members are testing their equipment. Some are grabbing a glass of water. Then the piano player calls her attention to snap a quick photo where she smiles and then turns her attention back to the crew setting up, it’s almost as if she’s eagerly anticipating the moment when the music will start.

But then it’s time for this little prodigy to shine. The saxophone counts her in and on the count of four, she graces the Jazz stage with her music. Her little cheeks puff as she skips up and down music notes and there’s a sparkle in her eye. It’s obvious that not only does she have a gift, but she also loves playing and the crowd applauds her efforts.

As the music continues to fill the air, the little trumpet player takes turns with the saxophone player as each adds their talent to the jazz stage. God certainly knows how to give each of us good gifts like writing, crafting, or creating music and this little girl is embracing her gift for all it’s worth.

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace:”
1 Peter 4:10

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