59-Year-Old Opera Singer Stuns On Spain's Got Talent

59-Year-Old Opera Singer Stuns On Spain's Got Talent

This 59-year-old opera singer stuns on ‘Spain’s Got Talent,’ and you HAVE to see it!

Even if opera music isn’t your favorite, you’ll be impressed with Juan Carlos Martos’ performance. He auditioned for the 2021 season of ‘Spain’s Got Talent’ a few months ago. The judges and audience were amazed by his musical gift. Two of the judges ended up pressing the golden buzzer together because Juan was THAT incredible.

This stunning video is Juan’s performance from the semi-finals. He definitely brought his A-game and is ready to win the season!

Juan Carlos is almost 60 years old and works in a hospital. Health care workers do God’s work every day, especially throughout the pandemic. He has probably changed many lives and helped thousands of people. But why did he end up in the medical world instead of on stage?

Taking a step back in life and thinking, “huh, maybe this is what I’m meant to do” takes loads of courage. Walking on that stage in an attempt to change his life is inspiring. And he should have been performing on stages around the world for decades before his audition!

In the video, Juan Carlos is accompanied by five instrumentalists including a piano player, although it’s difficult to pay attention to anyone else! The background seems to be a bunch of different windows of different colors. Most of the stage is dark except for lights on the musicians and of course, a spotlight on Juan.

Just when you think Juan’s talent has hit its limit, he hits a note one step higher and holds it one beat longer. The judges were endlessly impressed as they have been after every one of his performances throughout the competition.

Clearly, this man was put on this planet to perform and share his gift with international audiences. Just announce him as the winner! We are all ready for it!

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