Actor Chris Pratt Steps Up After Accidentally Giving Away Prize On Live TV

Actor Chris Pratt Steps Up After Accidentally Giving Away Prize On Live TV

Chris Pratt is a big-time Hollywood actor, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect all the time. And Chris will be one of the first to admit this about himself and take the steps to correct any mistakes. Well, that is exactly what happened on a recent episode of Live With Kelly.

Chris was stepping in as co-host and everything was going great. Then, they got to the point in the show where a viewer is called on the phone to participate in Travel Trivia. Travel Trivia involves answering a question based on what happened during the previous episode in hopes of winning a trip. The caller only has one guess in order to win the prize. In this particular instance, the woman gave an incorrect first response but Chris decided to give her another opportunity.

She was able to answer correctly and the excited actor announced that she won. Producers were quick to inform Chris that this was against the rules, but this amazing guy immediately said that he would cover the cost of the trip with his own money. Throughout the episode, Kelly Ripa and Denzel Washington both offered to split the cost of the trip with Chris.

This amazing guy didn’t want the woman to go home empty-handed for his mistake and that’s truly something rare. I’m so glad that the world got to see the caring nature of this Hollywood actor. I definitely have a lot more respect for Chris Pratt and I look forward to seeing him have a long career in the film industry.

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