Sleep-Deprived Dad Rocks Wrong Baby To Sleep

Sleep-Deprived Dad Rocks Wrong Baby To Sleep

This sleep-deprived dad obviously needs a good long nap! Adjusting to life with a newborn is no small undertaking!

With this new bundle of joy comes a lot of sacrifice and much of that sacrifice is sleep. This dad shows just how fatigued a new parent can be as he mistakes his “bundle” for a bundle of clothing!

When this new mother looked over to see her doting husband trying to rock their new baby to sleep she got the laugh of a lifetime! Without hesitation, of course she started filming her husband doing the funniest thing through frequent bouts of large yawns.

As Mom sat gingerly rocking her precious newborn baby, she filmed Dad also gingerly rocking – a rolled up piece of clothing! Yes, that’s right, this poor Dad found himself in need of sleep and unexpectedly rocking the wrong baby!

This sleep deprived dad swaddled the ball of clothes once or twice, yawned a few times and proceeded to bounce his “little one”. Of course, he’ll never live this case of mistaken identity down. Thanks to the smartphone, Mom now has the funniest video to show the kids when they grow up (and all their friends, too!)

This is a great reminder to have friends or family check in on new parents periodically! Adjusting to the frequent waking, crying, feeding and changing schedule that comes with a new little one can really cause sleep deprivation!

Thankfully, it seems like these new parents have a healthy newborn that already sleeps well with Mom. Pray for the new parents you know, and don’t forget the struggle is real!

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