Country Singer Serenades Dog With 'Look At You' Audition On AGT

Country Singer Serenades Dog With 'Look At You' Audition On AGT

Check out this unique America’s Got Talent audition where a country singer serenades his dog in his car while singing ‘Look At You.’

“Just look at you, girl, standin' here beside me
Starlight on your hair, lookin' like a dream
I dreamed somewhere and look at me, girl
You got me actin' just like a lover in an old-time picture show
And how I got the part, I just don't know
But it's written all across your face, plain as it can be
You're the one that I was lookin' for, now you're all that I can see”

The singer’s name is Chris, and he is auditioning for AGT via a Zoom call with the show’s judges. Simon asks Chris what winning the $1 million prize would mean for him.

“Well, my big dream is to be able to start an equine therapy program for people with disabilities,” he shares. “It’s something I really want to do, and it would make a lot of that possible.”

During his audition, Chris shows off his stellar voice, but his dog, Sid, is also singing along! She sings along with every note that he sings, and it is so fun to watch!

“Brilliant!” says Simon once the audition is over as the other judges are clapping and cheering.

“You know what, you’ve got a good voice,” Simon says. “Your dog actually was singing along with you! That’s unbelievable.”

“I thought it was all perfect,” says Sophia. “It was fantastic. It was beautiful. It was very heartwarming.”

“The connection that you guys have, I really think that America would fall in love with you guys,” Heidi shares. “I wish they were with us right now, all the fans, because I know they would be on their feet right now, all clapping for you and rooting for you!”

“I think you’re exactly what the world needs right now,” Howie says. “You put a smile on my face and warmth in our hearts.”

With praises all around from the judges, Chris and Sid made it through to the next round of AGT, and we are so excited to see more from them!

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