Curious Baby Octopus Steals A Man's Camera

Curious Baby Octopus Steals A Man's Camera

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I want to get up-close and safely observe animals in their natural habitats. There’s a lot to enjoy from all of God’s creations (except roaches), but there’s also the potential risk factor. Sometimes a funny risk factor. That’s what one man discovers when one curious baby octopus steals this man’s camera.

Picture the setting. Deep underwater. Fish, crabs, sand, and rocks surround you. The dark water prevents you from seeing too far ahead. And then there is a cute baby octopus that appears.

The cameraman, Eric Desmet, was deep in the waters off the coast of Mandelieu, France. He swam close to a baby octopus, filming with his GoPro camera. He thought he was doing the watching, but the octopus was doing a little spying of his own.

“I see the tentacles arriving on the camera,” he remarked when the octopus reached for the camera.

Their struggle for the GoPro was brief. Guess who won? The opponent with two hands or the one with 8 tentacles (and numerous suckers on each.)

“He took the camera,and I had to smile because he wanted to take it with him,” Eric shared.

Eric let the baby octopus swim a brief distance, humored by the sight. The camera looked to be the size of the octopus and was “a little bit too heavy for him.”

He saw himself as playing a game with the tiny octopus. The two began to pull the camera back and forth. Eric was careful not to injure the animal. The octopus didn’t share that concern for his GoPro, but Eric was content.

“I swim, and I come back and see the octopus.”

Eric left the octopus to go back to the surface to breathe, something he does as a part of his free diving experience.

“I am in the water every day, and as soon as I am in the sea everything is quiet and soft.”

His description of the water sounds very peaceful and harmonious. This baby octopus may have decided to shake things up a bit that day for Eric.

“If I lose something, I lose something. If an octopus is coming to visit me, or my camera, it’s not a problem for me.”

After a second breather, their playful struggle continued. Eric may have been enjoying himself more than the octopus.

This time though, the octopus let go and stared at Eric.

“He’s an amazing animal,” Eric thought.

The animal and video are both quite amazing and will definitely warm the heart. God has blessed us humans with one another, but we can also find pleasure in our interactions with animals in the wild or those we keep as pets.