Tired Toddler Won't Fall Asleep Until Dad Gives Him Permission

Tired Toddler Won't Fall Asleep Until Dad Gives Him Permission

How, sweet! This tired toddler won’t fall asleep until his dad gives him permission.

Is this every parent’s dream or what? Quite possibly.

In this home video, father and son engage in brief back and forth conversation, ending on a very pleasant note.

“Hey, buddy. You tired?” the dad asks.

“Yeah,” the boy answers in a hoarse and honest voice.

“Yeah. Can’t keep your eyes open?” the father responds.

“Yeah,” his son answers again. The boy is adorable dressed in a brown winter coat, brown winter hat, red gloves, and warm pants.

“You been noddin’ off a little bit?”

“Yeah.” The boy answers the same way in his sleepy haze.

“It’s okay, buddy,” the father reassures.

The boy gives the same response.”Yeah.”

“If you want to go to sleep you can,” the dad continues, “You go ahead. Go to sleep, I’ll…”

The father’s words abruptly end as his son’s head droops over. As if on command the boy falls swiftly asleep. The dad, much like us watching, can’t help but let out a good laugh.

The boy drifts into sleep so quickly as if he were a device that ran out of battery and instantly shut off.

For the parents out there, this is a dream come true. Not only does the son fall asleep quickly, but he isn’t refusing a nap. Children tend to devalue naps until they’re adults. However, this young boy may appreciate naps for the rest of his life.

As for now, his desire to ask for permission is both cute and funny!

This video comes courtesy of America’s Funniest Home Videos, which has been airing since 1989.

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