The Message In Billy Graham's Final Sermon Is Even More True Today

The Message In Billy Graham's Final Sermon Is Even More True Today

The message in Billy Graham’s final sermon is even more true today than when he first delivered it.

Sometimes messages from our past still ring true today. And hearing them again, we appreciate them in a whole new way. This is the case for the message in Billy Graham’s final sermon that we should all listen to again now.

Reverend Billy Graham left behind a legacy of evangelical teachings. He has been an inspiration to many of the faith over the decades that he preached.

In his final sermon, the reverend preached about America becoming too detached from God. The country was in need of a great spiritual change.

“Our country’s in great need of a spiritual awakening,” he said, “I know there’ve been times that I wept as I’ve gone from city to city. And I’ve seen how far people have wandered from God.”

This sermon was filmed in Billy Graham's home in North Carolina, and his family called it his final sermon.

Unknown to some, Reverend Graham ministered to all presidents since Truman, until his death. The reverend is cited as making the Gospel more mainstream in America, and even took his influence to other countries-- 185 countries to be precise..

He was married to Ruth Bell Graham for more than 60 years, before she passed away in 2007. He went to be with our Eternal Father in 2018.

“What a friend we have in Jesus,” he cited after being asked what passage of scripture or part of a hymn that never fails to make him feel great. “That was Eisenhower’s favorite hymn and it’s my favorite hymn.” He answered with a smile.

Listening to the enthusiasm of the reverend as he prays or preaches the word is enough to invigorate the spirit. His teachings still have the power to motivate others to dive deeper into the Gospel, furthering their relationship with Christ and bringing others into the fold.

Sadly, he was correct about America straying further from God. With the rise of violence and hate in this country, some are left to wonder where God is in all of this. We can rest assured that God is aware of what is going on (Matthew 10:29.)

As Christians we can do our part to model a healthy relationship with God, and show others how each of us has been called to love thy neighbor. We can pray for a positive change to come and for a great spiritual awakening.

Until then, we can put our hope in God.

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