Betty The Weather Cat Steals The Show As Weatherman Works From Home

Betty The Weather Cat Steals The Show As Weatherman Works From Home

One weatherman’s cat, Betty, steals the show as he works from home. Check out this video to see some behind the scenes of the cute, fluffy weather cat.

“Do you ever wonder what Jeff Lyons does in between takes? Let’s find out,” says a news anchor to the camera.

Then the camera pans over and shows Jeff standing in front of a green screen playing with his pet cat.

“I mean, there are some benefits to working from home, as much as I like to be back there with everybody. Betty here, this is the Lyons’ household cat, seems to be enamored with all the lights,” Jeff says during his weather show.

While many people are working from home at the moment, their work routines have had to adjust. And this is the case for Jeff Lyons, a meteorologist whose cat interrupts his weather forecasts. But it turns out that people love seeing his cat on his broadcasts!

Jeff is the Chief Meteorologist at WFIE-TV in southern Indiana. In order to follow social distancing rules, Jeff has been working from home and set up his new studio where he records his weather forecasts in his dining room.

One day while he was working, his cat, Betty, kept hanging around him. So Jeff picked her up and held her in his arms while filming a small segment for the news.

And after Betty's debut on Jeff's weather broadcast, people have been tuning in more and more to see her on screen. There have even been people in Europe and Australia viewing the weather segments to get a glimpse of Jeff's new feline co-worker! And Betty now has an official lower third graphic on the show that reads "Betty the weather cat" whenever she is on screen.

Betty has been part of Jeff's family for 11 years when she first showed up on a windowsill at their house. Little did Betty know then that when she joined their family, she would have a future in weather forecasting with Jeff!

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