Bear Caught On Video Ringing Doorbell

Bear Caught On Video Ringing Doorbell

These homeowners were in for quite the surprise when they captured a bear ringing their doorbell. Nature has a way of being completely unpredictable. God created all kinds of animals that walk upon the Earth and you never know what will happen when you’re living near wildlife.

One family, in Naples, Florida, knows all about close encounters with wildlife. When these homeowners installed a video doorbell, I don’t think they imagined a bear would be using it. During the Christmas season, they placed holiday decorations outside the door.

One evening, the camera caught motion at the front and when the family looked, they couldn’t believe what was happening. A bear had walked right up to the door and started to mess with the decorations. He even goes straight up to the doorbell and activates it with his nose. That is when the homeowner yells through the speaker for the bear to go away. At first, the noise just makes the bear even more curious. But after a few more moment, it seems that this furry fellow moves on to something else.

It’s truly amazing and terrifying all at the same time. Not a lot of people can say they have come that close to a bear, let alone capture it on camera. And I bet this family was very surprised to see this big guy pop up when they saw the video. No wonder they had to share this unbelievable footage with their friends and neighbors. Have you ever captured something like on a video camera?

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