3-Year-Old Karate Cutie Cannot Break Board

3-Year-Old Karate Cutie Cannot Break Board

We could watch this adorable video over and over. This 3-year-old karate cutie struggles to break the board in her marital arts class. She has a great understanding of the vocalization for karate, but doesn’t seem to understand what she is supposed to do with the board.

After a perfect bow of respect, complete with adorable giggles, she is ready for her attempt. Or is she? As the teacher tries showing her how to kick at the board, the little girl mimics everything except breaking the board! The teacher yells and points at the board to which the little girl mimics exactly that – pointing at the board! When that fails, the teacher stomps her foot to show the action of breaking the board. But the little girl is confused and yells and stomps her foot as well!

Trying to show the girl to stomp ON the board, the teacher taps the piece of wood – and adorably is copied by this eager student! Will she ever figure out what she is supposed to be doing? The observers are having a great time watching the patient instructors attempt to have this little one break a board with her foot!

When she finally figures out what she is supposed to do, the board doesn’t budge at the first few attempts. But this little cutie has a trick up her sleeve! That board might not break for her foot but she finally gets a result when she jumps and SITS on it! How adorable!

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