Jeanne Robertson On Why You Should Never Forget A Birthday

Jeanne Robertson On Why You Should Never Forget A Birthday

Comedian Jeanne Robertson has a little bit to say about everything! She’s a no-frills, tell-it-like-it-is kinda gal and we think that’s why so many people connect with her humor and storytelling.

Jeanne grew up sharing a room with her sister, Catherine “Cathy”. With perfect storytelling flair, Jeanne lays out the joys of sibling relationships – complete with masking tape down the center of the bedroom to divide up the shared space! If you have a sibling and grew up sharing a room, you’ll understand the importance of “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine... until you catch me!” Jeanne knows all too well. Still as adults, she is quick to point out that the two sisters dearly love each other, but they need to work on their “bonding”.

In this video, Jeanne is covering the topic of birthdays. Oh, the dreaded family “holiday” that you don’t want to forget – or else! Jeanne sets up the story with an unexpected phone call from her sister Cathy.

“I’m gonna be in and out all day today, when you gonna come on down here with my birthday present?"

Jeanne’s face was priceless as she reenacted the call! Sure enough, she had forgotten her sister’s birthday. Not only that but it was a mile-marker year. That’s when Jeanne shared that she made the ultimate mistake. She told Cathy she had the present and was wrapping it up. Of course, just after ending the phone call, Jeanne was frantically hunting through her house for a gift to pass on to Cathy. We’ve all been there!

What ensued was a china dish platter that may or may not have been worth $500 and a sister who didn’t want to give it away. But Jeanne’s cunning gift was foiled by one little ol’ piece of masking tape on the bottom of that “priceless” platter… with the name “Cathy” written on it!