Puppy Brings Life To Senior Dogs Retirement Home

Puppy Brings Life To Senior Dogs Retirement Home

I never knew that there was a retirement home for senior dogs. And when one puppy gets loose in the home, it brings a whole new life to the elderly residents. Vintage Pet Rescue is a facility for senior pets that take in animals that are elderly or their owners can no longer care for them.

This amazing organization works to give these older pets the love and attention that they deserve in their later years. Recently, a new resident came to live with them and it’s completely changed everything. “Before he came here, it was very quiet, very calm all the time. The pups nap probably 20 hours out of the day.” Trigger is an energetic, young dog that has brought his infectious personality to this home. Sadly, Trigger has a kidney disease and has not been given long to live. When the kind folks at Vintage Pet Rescue brought him in, Trigger was only given 4 months to live.

It’s been longer than that now and this inspiring dog is still running around the retirement home. He has truly brought new life to the older animals and he is able to find a way to relate to each dog. “If they’re dominant, if they’re submissive…It’s very sweet, he knows a dog’s personality.” Trigger is truly making the most of his last days and there’s no doubt that they will be full of happiness and love. It’s so amazing to see how this dying pup is able to breathe energy into the elderly animals.

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