Friendly Cop Helps Mama And Ducklings Cross Busy Street

Friendly Cop Helps Mama And Ducklings Cross Busy Street

We see animals all the time in our day-to-day lives. But there are some places where we hope to not see an animal. One of those places has to be a busy intersection or highway. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the situation a family of ducks found themselves in recently in Nottingham, England.

A momma and her ducklings were found waddling around on a sidewalk next a very busy road. A lot of pedestrians took notice and became fearful that the ducks would be injured if they tried to cross. That’s when an amazing police officer stepped up to make sure these sweet animals would remain unharmed.

A passerby caught the entire exchange on camera and it’s absolutely heartwarming to witness. Just watch as the officer first tries to keep the ducks from walking out into the road. He has to use his body to block them and guide them in a different direction. But when it becomes obvious that the momma and her ducklings need to cross the road in order to return home, this officer goes above and beyond.

He stops the flow of traffic and walks right beside the ducks as they cross the busy street to get to the other side. It was such a sweet sight to see them waddle across the safety. Who knows what would've happened to these sweet ducks if the officer hadn't of saved them from the busy freeway. But now, they get to live out their life in happiness and safety. This is definitely a happy ending to the story!

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