Hysterical Moment That Confused Baby Meets Twins

Hysterical Moment That Confused Baby Meets Twins

This adorably confused baby meets twins and is completely stumped! As he looks back and forth between the baby girls his facial reaction is hysterical.

Meet little Landon, who, thanks to his Mom, has been strategically placed between two identical twin girls. One little girl to his left, is calmly sitting for the photo op, while the other little girl to his right is putting on the water works in full cry mode. It is enough to make anyone’s head spin a little! Poor little Landon casts his confused gaze first to the crying baby girl, then looks over to the other who looks just like her but is not crying. His little head darts back and forth all the while with utter panic and confusion all over his face. For a split second, the boy looks at the camera as if to say with his eyes “What is going on here?! Why are there two of the same babies?!”

Looking like he is truly trying to understand, Landon’s darting looks seems to say “why do these two look alike? Will the other be making that horrible sound as well? How do I get out of here?”

Clearly worthy of captions, perhaps we could say this young little man is getting his first life lesson on how challenging it can be to understand women? We are not sure how the situation ends for poor Landon, but we do know that Mommy got the photo she wanted and a lot of laughs!

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