Jeanne Robertson Talks About A 'Magnetic Personality'

Jeanne Robertson Talks About A 'Magnetic Personality'

Jeanne Robertson is at it again! As part of Jeanne's new DVD ROCKING HUMOR, watch this hilarious clip titled ‘Magnetic Personality.’ Seated in her rocking chair this light-hearted comedian once again tells a story sure to bring you to chuckling. The story begins with a friend trying to convince Mrs. Robertson about needing her wardrobe to stand out more due to her tall stature.

“You need to wear something that POPS and it’s fabulous and makes a statement!”

When the conversation shifted to jewelry, Jeanne admitted to trying to get out of the situation by lying blaming her lack of jewelry choices due to her arthritis. Of course, the lie ended up putting her in a stickier situation! It is then her friend urges that she knows just the shop and takers her to a store that sells magnetic clasping jewelry. After pointing out and convincing Jeanne her tall size requires the wearing of not one but 5 bracelets to make a “statement”, Mrs. Robertson walks out with 5 new magnetic pieces of jewelry for her arm!

Fast-forward to a dinner party. Jeanne continues her story. One night she decided to wear the magnetic bracelets to a dinner party and it is here that the hilarity ensues. When Mrs. Robertson was asked to pass the salt to a table mate the unexpected occurred. At the same time she was reaching for said salt, the lady next to her was picking up her fork to eat salad. It was in this moment that, Jeanne’s 5 bracelets combined their magnetic powers and swiftly extracted the fork from her neighbor’s hand. The fork clung to Jeanne’s wrist/bracelets unbeknownst to her! Neither lady knew what happened to the fork until later!

Of course, the Jeanne tells the story so much better with her cute Southern accent and dry demeanor. She had us rolling with her “magnetic personality”!

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