Capuchin Monkey Really Missed Grandma And Can't Hide Her Excitement

Capuchin Monkey Really Missed Grandma And Can't Hide Her Excitement

More visual proof that animals have feelings too! Check out this Capuchin monkey showing us how much it really missed its human grandma!

Ohana is sitting on the bed snuggling with her blanket when she hears voices. Her monkey-mate Xander is too busy goofing off to care– at first. When Ohanna the monkey sees who comes through the door her expression is almost instant excitement as she lets out an ear-piercing squeal of joy! Immediately Ohana rolls over, and positions herself for some snuggles. There is nothing but sheer joy as she realizes that ‘Grandma’ has returned. The little Capuchin does not stop voicing her excitement and her high pitched squeals continue to grow. She truly cannot contain herself!

When grandma gets closer to the bed with the monkeys on it she is nuzzled and embraced repeatedly by both Ohana and Xander. But Ohana is clearly the most excited to see her Grandma. With very real zeal she embraces Grandma. The little fuzzy arm is thrown over grandma’s shoulder several times all the while loudly voicing her pleasure of being reunited. Grandma too becomes almost overwhelmed at this wonderful gesture of love. Amongst the sounds of reunited bliss, she can be heard saying “Did you miss me? Aww, I missed you too!” The monkey again, rubs her head on her loved one’s shoulder and cheek. Several times the excited monkey shows evidence of disbelief, joy, and even relief. We even noticed a pouting look on the monkey’s face. It was as if she thought Grandma was gone forever! This shows us there is living proof that God’s creatures big, small, and even furry, can feel.

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