Granny Goes Viral Reading 'The Wonky Donkey'

Granny Goes Viral Reading 'The Wonky Donkey'

Try not to have a good chuckle while listening to this Granny reading ‘The Wonky Donkey’! The home video shows Janice Clark reading the popular children’s book to her grandson, Archer. With each page turn she laughs more and more as the story continues to get sillier with every page turn.

The now viral home video has unexpectedly boosted the sales of ‘The Wonky Donkey’ by Craig Smith to the point that online retailer Amazon had sold out in both the US and UK markets! The story of a three-legged or “wonky” donkey uses hysterical rhyming adjectives that end with a rather amusing tongue twister: “spunky, hanky-panky cranky stinky dinky lanky honky-tonky winky wonky donkey”

As amusing as the book itself, Janice is the ace in the hole for this book. This Scottish Granny begins reading the book, clearly unsuspecting the silliness that was about to take over. By the third page she is already having quite a chuckle and by page four she almost couldn’t continue reading. Yes, page FOUR. We love her gusto!

“Oh dear, how can anybody read this seriously,” says Clark. “This is going to kill me."

Illustrator Katz Cowley shares what she thinks of Janice reading Smith’s children’s book, “I am so glad that Wonky’s reputation has finally come to bite him on the bum on this side of the world thanks to ‘Wonky’s Guardian Granny’. I couldn’t be more delighted,” Cowley said, calling Granny Clark “a reminder in life, when all else fails, to fall about laughing. She has a spirit like Wonky’s.”

Check out the Wonky Donkey song here.

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