EmiSunshine Sings Beautiful Acoustic Version Of 'Wide River To Cross'

EmiSunshine Sings Beautiful Acoustic Version Of 'Wide River To Cross'

EmiSunshine treats us to one of her favorite Buddy Miller, songs with this beautiful acoustic rendition of “Wide River to Cross.” Taking place in an old church with ideal acoustics, Emi uses a church pew for her stage stool to sing an almost haunting cover of this tune. When she begins to sing, her voice eerily echos in the almost hollow space setting a chilling tone for the story she unfolds.

“There's a sorrow in the wind
Blowing' down the road I've been
I can hear it cry while shadows steal the sun”

Taking in what the song itself is trying to say, gives us insight to a story of someone who has had a long weary journey in their life and still trying to push through. This beautiful song sounds like it could have been recorded during the Great Depression. During an era where so many were struggling to make their way and many songs from the time period focused on the idea of home and hope as synonymous. Everyone was on a journey of survival, many had endured WWI. They understood difficult times and that “pressing on” was a way of life. That’s just what this haunting tale written by Buddy Miller seems to share. While it’s a big song for such a young girl to tackle, EmiSunshine has done a great job capturing the feel of this intense song in her vocals!

“I'm only halfway home I gotta journey on / To where I'll find the things that I have lost / I've come a long long road still I've got miles to go / I've got a wide wide river to cross”

How blessed that we do not have to cross those rivers without God’s help? In our moments of true exhaustion and weakness, God gives us extra grace to continue forward!