Seal Slaps Kayaker with An Octopus

Seal Slaps Kayaker with An Octopus

This kayaker’s adventure didn’t go quite as he expected. Expecting his mate to video a seal bobbing in the water turned into a hilarious and unexpected moment! This seal shows the kayaker who’s boss by slapping him with an octopus!

As the group was taking a picturesque kayaking trip just off the New Zealand coastline when the unthinkable happened. SMACK! One of the kayakers was slapped in the face with a wet, sticky octopus! The offender who hurled the eight legs of suction cups was not one of a fellow kayaker, but in fact, a very forward and disgruntled seal!

The video starts with one of the kayakers noting something in the water beneath them. The dark figure swims slowly to the surface. In one swift flick of the neck, much like whipping a wet towel, a giant seal thwacks the nearest paddler with a large mollusc!

There are certain times of the year where mating season brings on very hostile behaviors especially from male seals. Seals have also been known to toss around their prey in an effort to make eating them a little easier. The Kayakers think this may have been the case, as they were watching the seals around them eating. Whether or not this particular seal’s actions were accidental or rather to show this kayaker who’s truly the boss of those waters– we’ll never know.

However, we now know that someone could very well expect getting whacked in the face with an octopus by cranky seals! So make sure you have a face mask if you're boating near this crazy seal!

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