'Be Crowned' - Live Performance From Jesus Culture

'Be Crowned' - Live Performance From Jesus Culture

Worship group, Jesus Culture, recently released a new live worship album, Living With A Fire. Formed more than two decades ago, the focused ministry of the group is to draw listeners into a time of worship and prayer. “Be Crowned” is one such song that pulls the worshipper into a deep focus on the holiness of God.

“From the fullness of our hearts,
From the depths of who we are,
Here and now, God, be crowned.
And with every word we sing,
With a million offerings,
Here and now, God be crowned.”

As many face trials, the importance of seeing our God as a Holy King becomes more necessary. If God is Holy, not only is our focus placed on Him instead of ourselves and our own failings, but there is a realization that He is greater than anything on the radar!

“Over all the earth,
Over everything unseen,
Oh, the majesty,
Oh, the glory of our King“

What a blessing to know that we serve a living God, a holy God! As you worship along with “Be Crowned” keep the perspective that this song is an offering to our Creator.

When you sing His praises through song it’s an opportunity to give the glory that is due to the King of Kings!

As you make choices throughout your day, offer your steps to the Father for guidance, and remember to praise Him in the good times and the difficult places. Through that praise, we can connect in a relationship with a loving Father.