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'This Is A Move' Katie Torwalt And Jesus Culture Official Music Video - Christian Music Videos

The anointed voice of Katie Torwalt leads us in worship with ‘This Is A Move’ alongside Jesus Culture. Brandon Lake, Nate Moore, Tony Brown and Tasha Cobbs-Leonard originally wrote this powerful song, which was released as a single for Tasha in 2019. The message of this tune reminds us all that God is in control and He is with us each step of the way. “We are here for You Come and do what You do We are here for You Come and do what You do Set our hearts on You Come and do what You do 'Cause we need a move We need a move” Bryan and Katie Torwalt served as worship leaders in their church before realizing that God was leading them in a bigger direction. Together, they wrote the popular Christian song ‘Holy Spirit’ which is still a favorite in churches all over the world. Today, Katie is taking the lead on vocals while Bryan plays the guitar to the beautiful worship track, ‘This Is A Move.’ Just listen as she belts out these words of praise for our King. “Miracles happen when You move Healing is coming in this room Miracles happen when You move Heaven is coming” When we put our trust in God, there is no obstacle too big to face. He will walk with us through the darks days and be there to greet us in the light of the morning. Let us use these words to share His message of love and grace with the entire world.