11-Year-Old Irish Singer Performs 'Hallelujah' With Pentatonix

11-Year-Old Irish Singer Performs 'Hallelujah' With Pentatonix

11-year-old Irish singer Kaylee performs a stunning rendition of ‘Halleujah’ with the a cappella group Pentatonix.

I think we can all agree that young Kaylee has been blessed with a beautiful voice. Her incredible vocal range and commanding stage presence even have some calling her a child prodigy. So, it was not a surprise when she was asked to appear on the children’s talent show, Little Big Shots.

Kaylee was going to sit down with host, Steve Harvey, and she would even have the opportunity to perform. One of her favorite songs is 'Hallelujah' which was made famous by Leonard Cohen, so she was over to moon to sing this on the big stage.

This talented girl is also a big fan of the a cappella group Pentatonix. These five vocalalists actually rose to fame while singing this exact Leonard Cohen song. What Kaylee didn’t know was that she was going to get the surprise of her lifetime by singing with her favorite group.

Just watch as Kaylee steps out onto the stage and starts to belt out this powerful number. Then, just as the chorus begins, Pentatonix walks on stage and starts to sing too. When all of these amazing voices combine, you'll be absolutely in awe of the sound that they produce.

This is such a special song and hearing it from Kaylee and Pentatonix definitely gives it a whole new feeling. I just can't believe that such a big voice is coming from this little girl.

What do you think of this Little Big Shots surprise performance?

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