'Pioneers' - for KING COUNTRY And Their Wives Join For Special Song

'Pioneers' - for KING  COUNTRY And Their Wives Join For Special Song

‘Throw open the doors

You know my heart is yours
What are we waiting for?
Let's be pioneers
And we'll build a home
In the great unknown
Let's be pioneers’

Our country currently has a divorce rate of over 50 percent. This number is both shocking and sad. It’s important as Christian’s, that we can set the example of a Godly marriage and make sure that He is always first. Marriage is not easy, but when we have a strong foundation in Christ, a couple can make it through anything.

That’s exactly the issue that brothers Joel and Luke, of the popular duo for KING & COUNTRY, want to shed some light on. Their newest song, ‘Pioneers’ is all about making sure that your significant other knows that you are all in on the relationship and ready to forge a new path together.

This song is made even more special by the addition of vocals from the wives of Joel and Luke. Moriah and Courtney are talented singers on their own and it’s absolutely amazing to hear them join their voices with their spouses for this very special number. I just love the message of hope and perseverance that this song sends.

I truly hope that others will hear the lyrics of this song and work to be examples of pioneers. What a powerful song and just what my heart needed to hear today. What did you think of this performance from for KING & COUNTRY and their spouses?