For King And Country


'O Come, O Come Emmanuel' - For King Country Live Performance - Christian Music Videos

Jesus came into this world with no crown upon His head, but He would end up becoming the King of kings. It was truly a glorious night when our Saviour was born. That's exactly what Fro Kind And Country sing about in the Christmas song 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel.' This Christmas hymn is always one Iove hearing during the holiday season and hearing it from these 2 brothers is absolutely amazing. This live performance truly gave all the glory to the Lord and you can feel their love and passion for the Lord. I always love hearing songs that praise His name and Christmas songs are my absolute favorite. There's nothing like singing for Him with the most beautiful lyrics. He was born in a manger and turned into the One who would save us all. What a holy night, the night Jesus was born. Amen!