Secret Santa Helps Hurricane Victims This Christmas

Secret Santa Helps Hurricane Victims This Christmas

It's been a very difficult year for the people of Texas, but a special visit from a Secret Santa helped to restore hope. Every Christmas, an anonymous businessman travels around the country to hand out $100 bills to random strangers. He has no other motive except to give and bring joy to people who may need it.

This year, his first stop was to Beaumont, Texas. Hurricane Harvey left neighborhoods in an awful condition and many people are still dealing with the aftermath. Times are tough and Secret Santa is giving the gift of joy. He decided to partner with the local police department to bring recognition to the heroic officers. The police officers walked around town delivering $100 bills with Secret Santa.

I just love seeing the look on everyone's face were they are handed this amazing gift. Secret Santa and the police officers visited houses, grocery stores, and offices. They truly brought the Christmas spirit to these deserving people. How incredible!

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