Newborn Twins Stop Crying Once They Are Reunited

Newborn Twins Stop Crying Once They Are Reunited

There's truly nothing like the relationship between siblings. It's a special relationship that you can't quite explain. Twins Weston and Caleb Lyman were born almost 4 weeks premature. But these sweet babies had already created the most amazing bond with each other.

After they were born, they were briefly separated to collect all of their separate vitals. That's when both boys started to cry out loud. It seemed that there was going to be no calming them down until the nurses finally put them beside each other again. Almost immediately, both boys stop crying and seemed to comfort each other. Even though it was only a short moment, these two were not used to be apart.

I hope that as they grow older, they continue to hold on to this bond and comfort one another when needed. What an amazing moment all captured for the family to cherish for a lifetime!

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