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Modern Day Parable About Broccoli

Modern Day Parable About Broccoli

When we share what we love with the world, there can always be a mixed response. Sometimes, others will love the same thing you love. Other times, people will want to cut you down or speak badly about what you love.

That's exactly the thoughts that are illustrated in this powerful modern day parable about broccoli. There was a beautiful tree in a park that looked like broccoli and one man decided to start taking pictures. He decided to share those pictures on social media and people all around the world became interested in this unique tree.

The tree took on a life of it's own and started to become an attraction. But some people did not care for the tree and decided that it should be cut down. And just like that, the tree that had brought happiness to so many people was gone.

Maybe, if the tree had never been photographed, it wouldn't have been cut down. But also, the people all over the world wouldn't have gotten to experience it's wonder. This is such a powerful lesson that will truly resonate with you long after the video is over. What do you think?