Dog Sings Along To Owner Playing Piano

Kuma is a very vocal husky and he isn't afraid to show it. Just watch as his human, Abigail, sits down at the piano to practice her performance. As she begins to play, Kuma decides to join in with her.

This furry buddy might be singing off key but that doesn't stop him from completely stealing the show. Abigail is playing the beautiful tune 'Come Away With Me' by Nora Jones. And I guess Kuma was moved so much by the song that he had to express his feelings too. He howls and howls between each chord and he does this for the entire performance.

The longer the song went on, the more I couldn't hold back the laughter. Kuma really seems to be enjoying himself. Just look at how he tilts his head back and closes his eyes. I think Kuma might have a career in performing too!

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