Crying Cow Is Reunited With Rescued Baby Calf

There's truly nothing like the bond between a mother and child. Even when they are separated, the two can sense the other. For example, this poor cow has been crying since the minute she was rescued. No one could figure out why until they noticed that she was leaking milk.

That's when these kind rescuers realized that this cow must've been separated from her calf. The rescuers had no idea that there was a baby when they saved the momma cow. They knew they needed to reunite this family so they went and saved the poor baby. And when they finally bring the calf home, this mom cannot contain her excitement.

These two are immediately drawn to each other and this sweet baby will not leave his mother's side. I'm so glad that these two were rescued by the same group and they can live out a happy life together. What a beautiful story!

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