Christians are the ‘most persecuted’ religious group in the world (Second Coming Watch Update #95)

Christians are the 'most persecuted' religious group in the world. According to the Christian Post, the head of a California-based evangelical religious liberty group stated that Christianity is presently the most persecuted religion on earth based on evidence gathered.

Russia says Iran, Pakistan and N. Korea could pose a nuclear threat to the country. According to the Russian News and Information Agency, the former director of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, Vya-ches-lav Trub-ni-kov, said a nuclear-armed Iran, Pakistan and North Korea could potentially trigger regional chain reactions that ultimately threaten Russia's security.

Israelis reportedly believe the best time to bomb Iran is during the U.S. election campaign. According to Newsmax, a sense of inevitable war with Iran seized Israel as its two principal leaders -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak -- concluded that Iran is about to produce a nuclear bomb and is planning to use it to wipe out Israel.

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