Man Raises $6.5 Million On Kickstarter For Cooler

Man Raises $6.5 Million On Kickstarter For Cooler On this episode Jim shares the amazing story of the 'Cool Cooler' and how one man raised $6.5 million for his idea using Kickstarter. The backstory on how the conservative media foiled the plans for a resort and spa being bought to house illegal immigrant children. 40 shootings in the city of Chicago this weekend and how the city looks like the next Detroit. Bitcoin investor Tim Draper backing proposal to split California up into six different states. Facebook to begin offering one click buying and why many think this represents a serious challenge to Amazon. Jetson electric bike goes for 40 miles on a single charge. California to run out of water in two years and how the state is trying to cut back water usage with $500 fines.