Kingdom Living

Kingdom Living
*God will fight your battle.
*There are some things in my life that i must crucify to walk with God.
*Crucify it daily
*The blood of Jesus has covered all my faults.
*Live everyday by faith.
*Grace is a GIFT, don't play with it.
*Living for the kingdom requires you to lose some things.
*God, thru the Holy Ghost, please check me!
*Things won't always be as you want, but you STILL must have faith!
*When you're really crucified, you don't put up a fight...Jesus was nailed to the cross and never budged. They didn't take His life, He laid it down!
*I should've died for the sin that was in my life, but Christ died in my place! He gave me another chance.
*There's a breaking point between holiness and unrighteousness, don't cross the line.
*Holiness is a lifestyle.
*Thank God that even when we cross lines He still doesn't give up on us.
*But God!!!
*"But" wipes out my past!
*You can't take everybody and everything with you where you're going...LET GO!

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