The IMONFIRE Campaign (@Rawsrvnt #TheBand #imonfire)

For over a decade Rawsrvnt has enjoyed the support of a global fan base that understands the passion and purpose behind his mission music. They've witnessed his art evolve from dirty south crunk to hip hop-worship and pop. The next step? The Band -- a live instrument accompaniment to the high-energy style that's a constant part of the Rawsrvnt's stage show. The plan is to record a new album as The Band and give it away for free. It's an ideal way to spread Christ's love with as many listeners as possible and capture the excitement His people feel when they are expressing the joy of their relationship with Him. But in order to do this -- we need your help. You can partner with us, receive some great perks in the process, and walk away knowing that you've impacted the world with a record that glorifies God. So watch the video and browse the details below. Then join us and confidently brag that "I'm on fire" for something greater than myself. To support the campaign, visit NOTE: All perks, with the exception of The Band album, will be fulfilled roughly two weeks after completion and receipt. Assuming full funding through this campaign, The Band album will be recorded and ready to send to supporters around Thanksgiving 2013. *Remember your donation is tax deductible. Thank you in advance for partnering with us. Your generosity helps win souls for the Kingdom.

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