Syrian rebels arm Palestinians against Assad (Second Coming Watch Update #274)

Syrian rebels arm Palestinians against Assad (Second Coming Watch Update #274)

Released: November 2, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

Syrian rebels arm Palestinians against Assad. According to Reuters, Syrian rebels said they had begun arming sympathetic Palestinians to fight a pro-Assad faction in a Palestinian enclave in Damascus -- a move which could fuel spiraling intra-Palestinian violence. Two rebel commanders told Reuters they expected their Palestinian allies to fight the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine which dominates the Yarmouk enclave -- a one-time refugee camp turned sprawl of apartment blocks which is run by the Palestinians themselves.

United Nations organizations want to make criticism of homosexuality a crime in Brazil. According to World Net Daily, homosexual advocates in Brazil have been joined by a coalition of United Nations groups in an effort to pressure the nation to criminalize "homophobia" under the guise that such "prejudices" are a hindrance to AIDS prevention programs. A recent survey labeled 92% of Brazilians as 'homophobic' for expressing a Biblical view of the role of men and women. USAID, UNHCR, U.N. Women, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA and UNICEF are all pushing for new laws the criminalize such views.

Christian pastor in Pakistan is arrested for 'blasphemy'. According to Pakistan Christian Post, another Christian was arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan last month...

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