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Jesus Drive

Jesus Drive:

Several months ago I had an experience that I can only classify as supernatural from the Holy Spirit, and I am led to testify of it.

One evening I earnestly said this prayer to God.
“Please guide me to bring glory and honor and power to Your name”.
In Jesus Name I Pray! A-Men!
A simple, but oh so powerful prayer this turned out to be.

The next morning I was led to construct a device that would use centrifugal force to move an object in one direction. (Seeming thus to contradict the law of physics that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).

The device consisted of an electric motor hanging like a pendulum inside a plastic box. I visualized that when I started and stopped the motor, it would swing back and forth hitting the inside of the plastic box to make it move in one direction.

To my dismay, when I first tried it. The motor swung back and forth like a pendulum hinged at the top and hit the inside of the plastic box, but it caused no movement of the box.

I was then supernaturally led to turn the box over (upside down) so the motor would swing in an arc with the hinge point on the bottom of the box. This is something I never envisioned doing during construction. To my surprise the box seemed to lift, and took off and scooted across the surface it was resting on. I believe this was God’s way to show that He was the inventor and no-one else!
Let ALL the glory be to God!

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