Earthquakes, Repeating Numbers and Coming of Jesus (Rapture) - Elvi Zapata

Earthquakes, Repeating Numbers and Coming of Jesus (Rapture) - Elvi Zapata

Brother Elvi Zapata is warning that there will be earthquakes soon. This is from the Lord's Hour on May 2, 2015. Earthquakes are part of God's judgement. He asked to repent and pray. The Supreme Court will decide that homosexual marriage will be legalized in the Federal level of USA. If the Supreme Court legalized it, God's judgment will upon to USA. He also talking about the repeating number.

I have paid attention about the repeating numbers since December 2012. I had job related numbers which was ending by 666999. And the following month, I saw numbers were ending by 77777. Since that time, I have seen so many numbers which were ending by 111, 222, 333, 444, 666, and 777. Since January in this year, I have seen more 111s.

I prepared the worship song I made a print out today (5/3/2015) for the worship service. It is the song from Hillsong, “In Your Freedom”. Whenever I made a new print out, I’m adding new number for easy identifying. The last time I printed out was April 19 which was number 221. Today’s song number was 222 as you see. Now I’m hearing from Brother Elvi about this repeating numbers. I believe and I have said so many people already that these numbers are not coincidence but God has tried to tell us something. The reason that I have seen more 111 in this year is that this year is the last one! That is what I believe! God bless you!

Jesus is coming soon! So be ready for His coming!

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