Spiritual Affirmation 9: Teresa of Avila

For this ninth edition, I really liked reading this quote from Teresa of Avila. She speaks of various things in this quote such as prayer, false appearances, Satan, and sin. It is convicting in that we Christians sometimes make this outward appearance of us "being ok" when we may be struggling andor ashamed of some sin within. We need to not only keep it real and let people know about our trials/struggles, since they might actually be able to help us out, but at the same time not be discouraged from praying to God about it. Satan has devised this guilt trap for us to think "oh I've sinned too much" or "oh I've done a very terrible sin" and guilts our consciences into believing we aren't good enough to talk to God about it. Truth of the matter is God cares about our problems and worries, and he wants us to pray for his help and let him know how we are feeling.

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