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"Thus Says The God of Judgement" PROPHECY!

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Thus says The Lord God of Israel: Who are these who betray Me and turn against My servants, who seek to devour My prophets and attack My faithful servants?... As a lion, they seek out My servants and attack them as the prey; as a starving lion, they turn on those sent to them; in their fierce hunger they seek to devour their own, for they are in great famine.
Who are all these who have despised Me, whose indignation is risen up against My servants, without cause?!... Behold! Each one seeks to devour his own brother and steal from his own Father! They do greatly dishonor their Father, and lift up their hand to destroy their brother! They trample upon their neighbor, and slander their close friend!

In this time of famine, their hearts have hardened,
And in them a heart like a beast has taken form...

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